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Wessex Heartbeat is celebrating a brand new way to raise funds – by introducing a weekly lottery draw.

The Southampton based charity has teamed up with make a smile lottery to offer people the chance to win weekly cash prizes whilst raising vital funds to support patients and their loved ones treated at the Wessex Cardiac Centre at Southampton General Hospital.

John Munro, CEO of Wessex Heartbeat, said: “We are very excited to be working with make a smile lottery to launch this new weekly lottery draw which will really benefit the charity. It’s an inspirational product which will really help us to engage with our supporters as it’s a nice way for people to get something back but support a fabulous charity at the same time. Not only will make a smile lottery bring income into the charity, it will also raise much needed awareness of what we do and how we support people through the cardiac centre. For just £1 per play per week the lottery gives people another option to support us. You might not win a life-changing sum of money but it can make a nice difference, and more importantly your lottery membership will make a massive difference to the people you are supporting in the cardiac centre.”

Make a smile lottery is a brand new lottery venture owned and run by St Helena Hospice with a mission to raise much needed funds to support local causes across Great Britain. The Colchester based charity already runs the very successful Your Hospice Lottery which has raised in excess of £8 million for hospice care since 2001, working with 9 other hospices up and down the country to raise vital funds through the weekly lottery draw. Building on the success of this existing model, the lottery team at St Helena are venturing outside of the hospice world to support local charities like Wessex Heartbeat with the all new make a smile lottery.
Alex Howe, Head of Lottery at make a smile lottery commented “We are delighted to be supporting Wessex Heartbeat with our brand new lottery draw. We have 16 years’ experience of running a very successful lottery operation for hospices nationally and are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to expand and work with other amazing charities. Our target is to raise £130,000 for Wessex Heartbeat over the next 5 years, and with your help we can achieve this.”

For just £1 per entry to the draw each week, lottery members have the chance to win one of 16 guaranteed weekly prizes, including a top prize of £250 and a further 15 £10 prizes. There will also be a rollover jackpot of £200 which if not won increases by £200 each week up to a maximum of £10,000! The prize fund will be reviewed regularly and as more people join the draw, the prizes will increase.

From the very first entry into the make a smile lottery draw; members are helping Wessex Heartbeat achieve their ambition of providing the very best care for people with heart conditions treated in the Wessex Cardiac Centre. With over 20,000 patients a year Wessex Heartbeat relies on the support of the local community to fund the latest specialist equipment and major facilities for patients, relatives and staff to ensure the highest quality of care.  

Friendly fundraisers from the lottery team will be out and about in and around Wessex talking to people about this fun and easy way to raise money for Wessex Heartbeat. Supporters can either join up with one of the fundraisers or online by visiting All fundraisers carry photo I.D. at all times but if you have a visit from one of the team and would like to check their identity for reassurance, please do visit the website or telephone the lottery office on 0300 303 4500 where the make a smile lottery team will be more than happy to help you.

Members can join from now onwards in time for the first lottery draw which will be held on Friday 13th October.

Click on a play button to join! Lottery players must be 16 or over.