POSTED BY hannah cohen | Dec, 06, 2017 |

Mrs Patricia Pennicott plays make a smile lottery in support of Wessex Heartbeat and recently became the first player in support of the charity to scoop the top prize of £250!
Mrs Pennicott returned from holiday to find she had won £250 in the lottery draw. She was delighted with her win especially as it was such good timing after her holiday.

She was so delighted in fact, that she came out of her way to visit the team at Heartbeat House for a photo opportunity.

Patricia’s story goes to show that not only will you be supporting Wessex Heartbeat by signing up to make a smile lottery, but you also have a great chance of getting something back. The rollover prize, which increases by £200 each week if not won, is currently at £1,800 so you may come out as an even bigger winner!

Callum Munro at Wessex Heartbeat said: “A huge thankyou to Patricia for not only coming and seeing us, but for supporting us through this fantastic initiative. It’s lovely to see supporters being rewarded for their support, and these rewards can only get bigger with more support.

Make a Smile Lottery have already begun taking to the streets of Southampton to spread Wessex Heartbeat’s message and to get people on board with the weekly lottery. As they are run from a hospice, they fully understand the importance of fundraising in local areas, and of course the impact that local charities like Wessex Heartbeat have on its surrounding communities.”