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a few of the make a smile team

St Helena Hospice has been shortlisted for a National Award recognising their Innovation in Fundraising.

The award shortlist for the National Fundraising Awards 2018 ‘Most Innovative Fundraising Campaign’ recognises the achievements that their lottery team has made in fundraising for the hospice.  Specifically through the innovative extension of its lottery services, by using the skills and knowledge of the team to help other hospices and charities all over Great Britain, which in turn raises more income for St Helena.

Over the recent years, St Helena Hospice lottery services have grown from strength to strength, having raised over £9 million for hospice care since 2001, which has helped to fund specialist end of life care services; making every moment count for patients and their families.

The lottery team, based at St Helena Hospice in Colchester, successfully manage all aspects of running a lottery, including recruitment, administration, a growing prize fund and marketing strategy both off and online. They have an excellent reputation for good quality service, compliance and knowledge within the lottery sector, helping other hospices and charities to raise incredible amounts of money.

In 2017, due to the success of Your Hospice Lottery (which has been running since 2001), and in a bid to raise more funds, St Helena Hospice decided to launch a new lottery to help charities across Great Britain. For the first time, a hospice would take its product outside of the hospice sector to work with other charities, helping them to increase their income. This clever way of working means that St Helena Hospice can produce a sustainable income and a good return on their investment, and in addition, their ethical way of working means all proceeds of this lottery stay within the charity sector. The first ‘make a smile lottery’ draw was run in October 2017. Both lottery draws take place every Friday with up to £10,000 to be won and over 150 guaranteed weekly cash prizes!

It is this ‘bold move’ that has afforded St Helena this nomination, and for their work to be recognised on a national level.

The growth in the lottery services arm of the organisation now accounts for 20% of St Helena’s income generation.  A whopping £1,234,285 has been given away in prizes since the lottery began, with the highest prize of £10,000 won last December 2017 by a player from Manningtree. In turn, the lottery team have raised over £9 million for hospice care since the lottery started.

Alex Howe, Head of Lottery commented: “We are excited to be shortlisted for this award and for our Innovation in Lottery Services to be recognised on a national level. These awards recognise the best of the best in the fundraising sector, and we are delighted to have been named. Over recent years we have made significant efforts to develop our lottery services in order to help other hospices and charities, and in turn raising more income for St Helena Hospice.”

He went on to say “We thoroughly enjoy working with all of our hospice and charity partners and using our skills and expertise to help them raise much needed income.”

The winners will be announced on the evening of the 2 July 2018 at the National Fundraising Awards ceremony, which will be held at the Brewery in London.