POSTED BY Sally Thomas | May, 16, 2019 |

The ever-changing money raising landscape has altered massively in last 5 years. The meteoric rise of data thirsty mobile devices and social apps has forever changed the face of how people communicate and connect. Raising money has gone from a physical activity with printed material and feet on the ground to rapid trends, shared info-graphics and viral explosions. However, a lot of the old tactics still hold water. Updating and re-invigorating methods with new digital DNA can continue to bring rewards. In this post we will try to shed some light on how anyone can harness this new wave. There are new ideas and ways of thinking about fundraising that need to be thought about and brought into your valuable efforts.

Closely Examine Current TV Trends

We’ve all seen the legions of charity events based on Bake Off, Britain’s Got Talent and “Strictly”. What will the next trend be? Keep an eye on the media of the day. Stay afloat in this sea of information by being active on Twitter and Facebook.

The speed of information in the modern has has highlighted the need for anyone acting on trends to be equal to it. Once you’ve chosen a trending subject you should brainstorm ideas around the idea. Try to think of hashtags and a strategy for marketing. Obviously you must separate your own event from the TV show but try and stick close by in some ways. Of course these trends can be extremely short-lived so there is some risk to this idea but if it is executed well and you have some luck you could stumble upon an easy fundraising idea and ride the wave to a successful money-raiser.

Starting Up A Charity Lottery

Starting a charity lottery is a fantastic way to raise funds and achieve a regular income. It’s a fun way for supporters to really get involved in helping raise money- with hopefully some winnings for them too! And it can dramatically increase your income, if you do it well. Starting a lottery means you need to be organised and have the right procedures in place, but there are some companies and even charities that are experienced in running lotteries and who could assist you with any aspects of running a lottery and who you can gain useful knowledge from.

Have a think about what you can afford to give as a weekly or monthly prize fund, and then how many players you might need to enter the draw to cover all your prize and admin costs. You will also need to register with the Gambling Commission and ensure that you carry out your lottery in a compliant way. You also need to think about how you will make that ask to your existing (or new!) supporters to ask them if they would like to join in the lottery! The Lotteries Council is a great place to start

Contact us for more info on this – we are the experts 🙂

Look Into Running Pop-Up Stand Or Shop

A pop-up stand or shop is a hot ticket at the moment. Local councils are more receptive to them and they play perfectly into the “big bang” nature of fast growing internet trends. A well placed pop-up can spread through social media like wild-fire. Additionally they can be effective with very little marketing in the run-up to its launch. In a good spot with high foot traffic the mere fact that something has appeared in a tired spot can result in photos and shares going up all over. It’s potentially easy fundraising social media gold! If you can combine the pop-up event with a current trend or something seasonal then even better.

Approach A New Or Successful Local Business

Trampolining took the UK by storm a few years ago. Axe throwing was recently the talk of the town as a go-to Stag or Birthday event. Partnering with a trending business can do great things for both the business and the charity. It can build trust and goodwill for a business and raise you money at the same time. Keep abreast of local business news by reading regional newspapers and on retail news websites. You might even be able to get involved in a launch event if the timing is right.

Get Your Google On and Google Charity Events In Bigger Cities….borrow the trends

The internet today has a habit of keeping you in your locality when it comes to searching. If you are raising money for a charity that isn’t based in a big city then keep an eye on what’s happening in these cities. The amount of people in London or Birmingham mean that it’s constantly brimming with ideas. Some will fail but some will succeed and be copied around the country. Some simple, easy fundraising ideas could be discovered by simply utilising someone else’s ground work. Google “charity events in London” and have a browse. You might just see something you like, something that might work where you are. Getting ahead of the curve is as important in fundraising as it is in any other field nowadays.

Approach Local YouTube Or Instagram Influencer

The new celebrities of the day are people with staggering amounts of worldwide followers on the various social media platforms. Some internet research might put you into contact with a local YouTube video personality with 10,000 viewers or an Instagram user with 50,000 followers. Previously the only way to communicate a media-rich message to that number of people would be through expensive television channels. You could try and get them aboard for an event or a product launch. If they are local or share a common thread with your charity this could be an awesome partnership.

Local Designers Of T-Shirts, Other Clothing Or Trinkets And Art

In a similar manner to the above item search out local designers of trinkets or clothes. Local art fares will have local artists with social media presences and an attachment to the locality. They may have an audience that stretches worldwide such in the modern marketplace created by Pintrest, Instagram and Etsy. You could work with them to produce a range of special items. The items could be related to other fundraising activities you are doing. Coordinate the partnership with further fares and feature the artist on the Charity website and social media channels.

Contactless Fundraising, Easy Fundraising

While this isn’t actually a fundraising method I think it’s important enough to include here. There are many examples of how successful the introduction of contactless donation has been. Royal Trinity Hospital saw a 5 times increase in donations after installing them. You can get portable units that will work out and about providing a connection to the internet is present. The benefits are far-reaching. Less cash can be carried around and a real-time log of donations is view-able. You can get reports about where exactly donations are the strongest without relying on data recorded by the volunteer.  It has been proven that the act of taping and seeing a visual cue and hearing an associated noise is associated with reward by the human brain. This is easy fundraising in an instant and will be huge in the future.