POSTED BY hannah cohen | Jun, 12, 2019 |

Join us in remembering those who gave so much on D-Day.

75 years ago, during the D-Day Landings, 19-year-old Roy lost both legs when his tank was shelled. Blesma has supported him ever since.

The D-Day landings involved 156,000 Allied troops from 13 nations who swept across more than 50 miles of Normandy coastline. It was the largest seaborne invasion in military history as 7,000 vessels crossed the Channel with precision timing as Allied air forces flew 14,000 sorties in support. At least 2,500 Allied troops were killed and 7,500 injured on the first day.

Blesma Members were involved in D-Day and the subsequent actions in the Battle for Normandy which left 425,000 Allied and German troops killed, wounded or missing. Those who perished and those who returned all deserve special recognition on 06 June.

Over the years, Blesma has been instrumental in obtaining all sorts of benefits to make sure its Members can live independently for as long as possible. So, as we remember those who were killed or injured on D-Day, please spare a thought for the long-term effort Blesma puts in to help all its Members get the best from life, no matter when they were injured.

“Please join me in remembering those who fought on D-Day and please consider making a donation today, so that those who have made huge sacrifices fighting for our country can live full lives like I have.” D-DAY VETERAN & BLESMA MEMBER, ROY HAYWARD