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Are you one of those people? The ones that seem to just win things, often. You enter a few competitions here and there and get lucky. Maybe you always get the best prize in the raffle at work too? Are scratchcards just no challenge anymore? too many £50 wins? Are you a lucky lottery winner?


No, i didn’t think so.


Who are these people!?! 🙂


I definitely have been through stages where i think to myself “If i enter enough of these competitions i’m sure to win one of them at least.” No, apparently not. I think the only thing i’ve ever won was in a raffle. It was a digital photo frame…and, well, didn’t turn out too well for those now did it?

At least a lottery is a low effort way of trying for that slice of the winners pie. You can setup a direct debit or credit card transaction and forget about it. And if it’s with one of our great charity partners you have the added benefit of knowing the cause is good. Even a losing week is a winning week for someone less fortunate than yourself. It might actually be the best form of luck based competition. It’s easy to do and has a direct and speedy impact on the cause of your choice.

So, who are these eternal lucky lottery winners?

Well, we are going to kick off with my favourite. The level of double-luck here on show is completely astonishing. This year, 2019, a man in Australia had a slip of concentration that meant an upcoming change in his life was to have twice the effect. In a rush he accidentally bought 2 lottery tickets for the Australian National Lottery. The crazy thing is that he used the same numbers for both tickets. And, yep, you guessed it. He had the winning numbers, twice.

Interesting thought – i wonder if having 25 million would change your life much more than if you had the lowly 12.5 million he would have won with only one winning ticket?

The More The Merrier

Joan Ginther from the USA tried an entirely different tact in her quest to win big. How do you try and make yourself more lucky? The answer is simply to try more often. Joan started off her winning streak with a $5.4 million win in a state lottery. Everything seemed normal about her and her win. A few years later she went on to win $2 million on scratch cards. Some eyebrows were raised about Mrs Ginthers amazing luck. When she cleared another $13 million in the next 10 years she gained celebrity but remained out of the public eye. What was her secret? Can it be replicated? Certainly a lucky lottery winner.

Of note is that Joan’s scratchcard bill is alleged to be $3 million. Proof that if you fail enough times you’re bound to succeed eventually.

Let’s dial down the numbers a little bit and go a bit more realistic now. A close-cut story of young James Wilson who didn’t really buy tickets that often. The lottery never really crossed his mind. One day he was having a clear-out, he grabbed a fistful of old receipts, parking slips and ATM printouts to slim down his wallet. As he thrust toward the bin he noticed the tell-tale look of an old lottery ticket. Fate decided that day that he would give it a second look so he absentmindedly popped onto the web to check lottery result unclaimed prizes.

The £50,000 he picked up later that week was a welcome bonus. The fact that he claimed it with only 3 hours remaining before it expired is something he’ll never forget. Maybe you’ve got a few old tickets or numbers to check?

No Time To Wait

The award for the most condensed period of luck goes to Calvin and Zatera Spencer. Winning the lottery 3 times in your lifetime would generally be something that you’d fairly happy with. An average person would consider that, throughout their life, they’ve had it pretty good as far as luck goes. The Spencer’s just happened to pull it all off in one month. Is it the lottery or lightning that isn’t supposed to strike the same spot over and over again?

Two 1$ million prizes and a little bit of extra pocket money with a $50,000 win to top it all off. A good months work by any stretch. Just another day at the office for a lucky lottery winner.

Ever get a dream about the lottery? Do you ever imagine the ticket and the win? Do you ever get a good look at the ticket? If you do then remember Mary Wollens. One quiet night in her home in the USA she had a dream. She dreamt of a giant cheque, smiling faces and a winning ticket. Seeing her chance at riches she committed the winning number to memory. She decided it was a sign. So sure she was in her prophecy that she didn’t buy one ticket but two.

A powerful psychic or just a good storyteller?  Whatever the verdict her purse was $24 million heavier after collecting her winnings.

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