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Make a smile lottery and Blesma are proud to announce a lottery partnership together, with effect from this month.  The Essex based charity has teamed up with make a smile lottery as part of its continuing mission to enable Limbless Veterans throughout the UK to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Blesma supporters can now join the make a smile lottery draw, specifically to support Blesma, giving them the chance to win weekly cash prizes each and every week, while supporting essential services for Limbless and injured Veterans.

Blesma, is the 7th charity to join make a smile lottery, but the first National Charity to join. Make a smile lottery is owned and operated by St Helena Hospice based in Colchester, which means that all proceeds of the lottery go back to the charity partners, and back into hospice care.

Sally Thomas, Marketing Manager for make a smile lottery commented “We have been speaking to Blesma for a few months about how our lottery could help them provide an essential and reliable regular income to help fund their services. We are delighted that they have decided to join us, and we hope that it will be a long-lasting partnership in which we can help them raise some much needed income. We are a charity ourselves, and the great thing about our lottery is that all profits go back to the charity sector”

“We have 18 years’ experience of running a successful lottery operation for hospices and charities all over Great Britain and are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to expand and work with other amazing charities such as Blesma and support the work that they do”

Tony Bloomfield, Associate Director of Fundraising at Blesma commented “We are really excited to be launching the new weekly draw with make a smile lottery, it’s a fantastic way to support our vital work for veterans while having the chance to win some great cash prizes”

Blesma was founded in the aftermath of the First World War, in which 40,000 British men lost limbs. Although medical practices and opportunities for those who are disabled have come a long way since, there is still a need to support those who continue to experience daily, the physical and mental impact of their life-changing injury.  That is why Blesma continues to work tirelessly to provide practical, emotional and financial support to injured veterans and their families as they rebuild their lives, supporting its Members both young and old, for life. Just as we are still caring for our World War II veterans, some having lived with limb loss for more than 70 years, we also look after younger generations injured in recent conflicts who have survived complex trauma injury and will need our specialised support as they face the long journey ahead.  Providing expert advice on the NHS and benefits, delivering activities, grants and giving opportunities for Members to support fellow Members, share experiences and enjoy regained camaraderie are just some of the ways Blesma delivers this essential support.

The aim is to raise £500,000 over the next three years for Blesma to help support their services. From the very first weekly lottery draw with make a smile lottery in support of Blesma, draw members will be helping Blesma’s 3,000 members and their families who rely on their services.

For just £1 per entry to the draw each week, lottery members have the chance to win one of 16 guaranteed weekly prizes, including a top prize of £250 and a further 15 £10 prizes. There will also be a rollover jackpot of £200 which if not won increases by £200 each week up to a maximum of £10,000. The prize fund will be reviewed regularly and as more people join the draw, the prizes will increase.

Make a smile lottery is a lottery venture owned and run by St Helena Hospice and launched in 2017. The Colchester based charity already runs the successful Your Hospice Lottery which has raised in excess of £11 million for its hospice partners. St Helena won an award from the Institute of Fundraising for ‘Most Innovative Fundraising Campaign’ in 2018, for the successful launch of make a smile lottery.

Fundraisers from the lottery team will be working across Great Britain to promote make a smile lottery in support of Blesma. All fundraisers carry photo ID but their identity can be verified by calling the lottery office on: 0300 303 4500.

Supporters can either join up with one of the fundraisers or online or calling: 0300 303 4500.

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