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We asked one of great volunteers, Richard, some quick questions so you can get to know him a bit. Our volunteers work tirelessly for Make A Smile and we wouldn’t be able to function without the support of people like Richard and his colleagues.


What’s your background?

I have run my own business as a Software developer, designing/writing/installing/supporting bespoke packages for various clients, for 35+ years.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

A number of hobbies & pastimes, such as golf, reading , holidays, DIY, socialising, dining, cinema, gambling, and volunteering


Have you ever won a prize or a lottery?

Yes – I’ve won £10 on Your Hospice Lottery.


What do you like about volunteering with make a smile lottery?

Firstly , the staff are all nice, friendly, pleasant and easy to get on with .

The office environment is fairly laid-back, and stress free, or seems to be on the days I am there.

Any help they get is greatly appreciated, and everybody is made to feel part of the team

Also, being flexible in the days & hours I work suit my work and social life, and hopefully suit the Make a Smile team.


What motivated you to become a volunteer?

Having decided to cut back on my work hours etc, I wanted to fill some of my time ‘giving’ something back. Like most people I have known people close

that suffered from cancer, and decided the St Helena Hospice was a good place to do this.


Do you volunteer for any other charity or organisation?

I have in the past helped out at the Red Cross mobility centre in Clacton, until it was closed down due to the drop in funding.


Why do you think  a charity lottery is a good way of raising money?

Its  a way to encourage people to donate, with the added incentive of possibly winning a prize,  but I would think most people are

happy for as much money as possible going to help the charity itself.


Any memorable or funny stories from your time at make a smile?

Not as yet, but every day there is memorable