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The charity and giving landscape is ever changing. Research and new technologies are constantly offering up more efficient and reliable ways to make every cent, pence or pound work better. Closer oversight has meant that charities need to maximise the amount of money going directly to the cause in question. From dropping change into a charity basket to setting up a direct debit. Or donating with contactless bank card and playing a weekly lottery. Therefore, the options are nearly endless. Below we will look some clever, unusual and pioneering ways of donating to those that need it.

Charity Recommendation Services For Global Causes

Confidence in the ability of charities to carry out their pledges has taken hit in recent times. Greater insight into procedures has uncovered a few high-profile cases of poorly used funds and unsavoury business practices. There are services on the web that carry out deep examinations of a number of charities. They evaluate charities based a number of attributes and recommend a selection of them they deem will do the most good with the money you give them. In conclusion, if you are interested in changing the most lives possible with the money you have this is a good place to start. This is giving to charity in its most straightforward sense.

One such service is called Givewell – it’s based in America but the charities it recommends are global.

Think Small

There is some evidence to suggest that smaller charities will funnel more of your donation into the cause it supports. However, this is an over-simplified statement, there are efficient and in-efficient charities both large and small. You can examine figures that UK charities release and do your own research at Charity Choice. You might simply have a very specific idea of a particular local cause you wish to donate to. If so you could examine the map at Localgiving to find somewhere close to your heart and physical location.

Here at Make a Smile we support a number of great small charities. It’s a great place to positively affect the communities around you. Have a look at our page detailing our currently supported charities – if you see something you’d like to support why not start entering their lottery.

Give Direct

GiveDirectly was a company started in 2012. It received much attention and startup funding as it planned to do something quite unique. It proposed that the money donated to it would go directly into the pocket of a recipient in a poverty stricken place. Their research suggested that an effective way of raising people and villages out of poverty would be to simply allow them to improve their own and their families lives by buying the things they needed. There would be a knock-on effect of the money being spent in the local economy on local services. There are varying views on the success of this experiment, measuring it accurately has proved tricky. To donate to GiveDirectly in the UK there is a separate arm of the company here :


Climate Change

Press coverage and huge world events have ensured that no-one can escape from the oncoming spectre of climate change. A new generation of politically aware teenagers consistently rank climate change as a topic of note and worry. Many people today believe that climate change is a threat that looms over us all. In addition, it’s a widely held belief that it will disproportionately affect those in poverty. Giving to charity with the aim of targeting this issue? Here are a couple of choices:

The Climate Coalition – This charity has got the backing of over 100 UK companies and are attempting to make a direct impact on UK politics. By lobbying with the voice of many people and many companies they can have an effect on policies in the UK.


Sandbag – A charity running in London that is attempting to speed up the move away from coal. Coal is the biggest target and it’s removal would be a great win for global CO2 levels.

Giving To Charity On Social Media

Keep an eye out on Instagram for “stories” posted by your favourite charities. You might see a DONATE button popup – tap it and see what happens! This is a perfect way to make sure you donate to a good cause directly after seeing a good reason to do so. So often we see a charity doing good work but it will slip our mind to donate later when we have our debit card or our Paypal password. By donating over social media we can give a coffee’s worth of donation over in an instant, the instant we want to. Perfect.