POSTED BY Julie Reeve | Feb, 09, 2020 |
double 6 rolled

Fingers crossed, let’s grab a 4 leaf clover and make sure that horseshoe is pointing at the heavens! It could be you or it might not be. In fact it probably won’t be. But you’ve got to be in it to win it right?! It’s commonly know how unlikely it is to win the national lottery – the odds are extremely low. And yet, millions of people enter national lotteries all over the world. The rarest of chances that it might be you, the allure of a life totally changed is too much for some people despite the likelihoods involved.

So let’s get down with the maths and the probabilities.

pizza from above

Odds an adult has eaten cold pizza for breakfast – 1 in 2.6

I can’t believe people are missing out on this glorious treat! Low effort, waste conscious, cheesy. This breakfast has it all.

Odds a person is married by age 30 – 1 in 1.4

This statistic is changing all the time. People are getting married later and later over most of the world.

Odds that an adult agrees “creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster will one day be discovered by science” – 1 in 5.6

Which, if any, mythical beast will be the first proved to exist? While we can never actually disprove their existence rumours of monsters in the shadows will persist indefinitely.

bigfoot taken away

Odds a person will meet the requirements for Mensa – 1 in 50

The chances are that you know someone who could get into Mensa. It could be you?!

Odds of winning in Your Hospice Lottery – 1 in 385

Over 9000 prizes a year, a great lottery to enter if you really like to win something! Brilliant odds.

Odds of being born with 11 fingers or toes — 1 in 500

Not sure which of these i would rather be affected with. Shoes must be a nightmare if its an extra toe you’ve got.

Odds of winning a Make A Smile lottery – 1 in 2,596

£1000 is there to be won every week. Rollover can reach £10,000! A 1 in 2,596 chance of winning actually feels like it might happen to you – and a thousand pounds could really make a difference.

Odds a person will visit a hospital from a golf cart accident – 1 in 22,355

If you can, walk. Why miss out on that great exercise using the shoelace express to get from hole to hole. FORE!double 6 rolled

Odds of being struck by lightning — 1 in 114,195

Firstly avoid standing near trees! Try and find a car to get inside as the rubber wheels provide excellent insulation from any targeted lightening strikes.

Odds of going blind after laser eye surgery — 1 in 5 million

Pretty great odds of having a problem free eye surgery performed. Maybe it’s time to throw off those glasses for good?

Odds of winning the National Lottery – 1 in 45,057,474

In 2019 the national lottery sold £7.2 billion worth of tickets and over £3 billion went back to players in prize funds. Ball number 40 has come up the most so plan accordingly! 55p in every pound goes to the prize fund and 24p to charitable causes.