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Fancy A Game?

Hopefully you’re getting luckier and luckier playing Make A Smile charity lotteries? I think we should take this opportunity to really practise finding that illusive lucky streak. If you’re having a bad run of luck then get stuck into some of these games and lets change your path. If you’re already a 100% winner then lets really cement that status.

The internet is a great resource for avoiding boredom and finding out new ways of dialling up the fun to maximum. We’ve collecting some brilliant ways to pass the time, have a laugh and practise your lottery winning skills.

Bingo Bango

Almost like playing a small lottery in your own home. Someone is nominated to be the Caller – everyone gets a bingo card – the Caller reads out, randomly, the numbers or things on the card – the players cross off the items as you go. First one to finish a line or the whole wins!

Here’s a great site where you can print off a variety of bingo cards for big kids or children :

Spin Me Right Round

I hope you’ve got your craft and design skills at the ready. This one is a little more advanced than a simple print out. The Wheel Of Fortune is a staple of many games of luck. A circle that spins freely, items on segments of the circle and a willing participant ready to give it a good push. You could put anything you want on the wheel. Some ideas include dares, points, questions, prizes or anything else you could think of. Scissors at the ready :

Beat It

This one is for pretty young kids. Have a rummage in those random dresser drawers…you know, the ones with elastic bands, old broken pens and keys that don’t have doors. Find a few dice. Now grab a pen and paper for scoring.

Have player one roll the dice ( 2 for young children, more for older ). The child must now come up with the highest number possible by putting the two ( or more ) numbers together. Here’s an example:

Player One rolls a 4 and 6.
Highest number is 46.

Pass the dice onto the next player and they do the same. If they get a higher number they win the round.

You could add more dice on as the children gain understanding.

Liar’s Dice

Have the kids gone to bed yet? Keep those dice handy – in fact you might need to raid a few boardgames to bring the total upto 5 per player. If you’ve seen the Hollywood blockbuster starring Johhny Depp; Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest then you may have noticed a dice game played. This is it. Time to swash your buckle and test out your “YAAARGH” because you might be playing to avoid the plank.

The rules are a bit long-winded to write in full so i won’t go in detail here. I’ve posted a link to the rules in text and also there’s a handy video. There is some skill and bluffing involved, it’s not all luck.

Got some bored children between 5 and 9? And a deck of cards tucked away in a cupboard somewhere? How about some “Beggar My Neighbour”

Deal all the cards out, face down, until the whole pack is finished. Now, the player after the dealer turns their top card face-up and puts it in the centre.

This is repeated by each following player until the card that get’s turned up is one of :

  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack

The player who turned up this card will now demand payment in cards from the next player. If it was the Ace the player gets 4 cards, the King it’s 3 cards, the Queen 2 and 1 if it was the Jack. The payment cards are added to the central pile. If any of the cards were the Ace, King, Queen or Jack then next player in the game must make the payment also. This continues until none of those cards are drawn. At that point, the last player to draw an Ace, King, Queen or Jack must take the entire centre pile and add it to their own stack.

You win the game by managing to use up all of your cards. Look for some videos on youtube if that all sounded a bit much! It’s pretty simple once you’ve got it.

Make Your Own Board Game

Easy one here. Grab some paper and draw on some lines and make your own game of snakes and ladders. If you’re feeling lazy then just google “printable snakes and ladders” and fire up that dusty old printer.

Protip : if you can’t find dice here’s a printable one – or for a different spin – some spinners!