The Covid-19 pandemic is becoming deeply concerning for the UK as well as globally. Despite the UK being heavily restricted, charities remain open to deliver their care and support to hundreds of families. Due to being partly funded, they need your support now more than ever. Many local charities have had to cancel their fundraising events and are now losing out on more funding than ever before. The team at make a smile lottery have come up with a few ways you can still contribute to your chosen charity.

Sustain the charity sector

Nearly every charity is feeling the negative impacts of Covid-19, so your support is needed now more than ever. Many volunteers are unable to work which means charities are struggling to sustain their services. If you donate a lump sum toward Christmas or any other point of the year, consider moving it forward to enable charities to continue supporting hundreds of families.

Virtual fundraisers

The pandemic has made us all scratch our heads and think of ways to keep ourselves entertained. This scenario has also extended to charities who have had to postpone many fundraising events and get creative. If you follow any charity on social media, you’ll probably notice virtual fundraising events such as quizzes and exercise challenges. These are a great way to stay connected as well as supporting fantastic causes.

Sign up to make a smile lottery

Signing up to play our lottery is easy, you must be 16 or over to play, choose which of our fantastic charities you wish to support and pay via direct debit. Our draw takes place every Friday and we have 51 winners each and every week! The 1st prize is £1000, and we have 50 runners up who also win a cash prize, not to mention a rollover of £10,000.

Everyone who plays our lottery gets entered into the weekly draw, but your membership goes to support your chosen charity. St Helena, a Colchester Hospice, receives a small income towards hospice care from each membership for administering the lottery.

If you would like to find out more information, visit the make a smile lottery website or give us a call on 0300 303 4500.