The Winner’s keep on coming at Tenovus!

- The Lottery Team
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Our players are smiling with make a smile lottery. There is nothing better than the feeling of winning, and the players who play in support of Tenovus Cancer Care are feeling over the moon lately.

Winning Streak

They are on a lucky streak!

An incredible £4,360 has been won by players who support them. Ranging from £10 to an amazing £1000!

Zoe was of the lucky £1000 winners!

Play make a smile lottery to win big!

When you play make a smile lottery with us, not only are you helping support great causes like Tenovus Cancer Care. You are in with the chance to win great prizes!

Each week there are 102 prizes available to be won every week plus a £500 rollover up to £25,000.

So, why not take a chance and see if you could join the lucky winners?

Head to our website to sign up in support of your chosen cause today!