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Newlife The Charity for Disabled Children

About Newlife The Charity for Disabled Children

Newlife is now the largest charitable provider of equipment for disabled children and on average supports over 2,500 disabled children and their families each year. As well as providing specialist disability equipment they offer advice through their nurse-led helpline, run a sensory toy loan service and undertake campaigning and advocacy to improve disabled children's wellbeing.

Newlife exists because right now, thousands of disabled and terminally ill children in the UK are living without the vital equipment they need. They help thousands of children across the UK who are disabled through childhood cancers, genetic illnesses, accidents, diseases and infections. Alongside dealing with their disability, the sad fact is that many children don’t have the specialist equipment they really need to help them through each day.

As a result, children are suffering needless pain, their health is worsening and they are missing out on life’s opportunities. Families are desperately trying to cope; dedicated parents lack support and many become injured trying to care without the right equipment. Newlife offers a life-line for families, providing life-changing or life-saving specialist equipment when and where it is needed.

From your very first game, you help Newlife raise vital funds that will support disabled children. Here are some examples of what your contribution could pay for to help those who need it most:

  • £360 could go towards funding the cost of a wheelchair, improving a child’s mobility and sense of emotional wellbeing.
  • £450 could pay for a specialist play pod, giving disabled children the chance to play and develop new skills.
  • £1,970 could pay for a mobile hoist, allowing a child to be moved safely.
  • £2,124 could fund a child’s walking frame, improving their independence.
  • £4,960 could fund a specialist bed, ensuring a child can rest safely at night.

Registered Charity Number: 1170125

How To Play The Lottery

Each entry to the draw costs £1. Our draws are run every week of the year, usually on a Friday. You can either set up a membership to provide your chosen cause with a regular and reliable income, every week of the year, or you can play as and when you want to, whatever suits you best!

Lottery fundraising is a really easy and fun way to provide good causes with an income that they can plan for the future with. You need to be 18 or over and living in Great Britain to take part.
Last year (April 2022-March 2023):

  • Lottery Income that went towards charitable causes = £573,922.20 (38.9%)
  • Lottery income that went on expenses = £741,499.80 (50.3%)
  • Lottery income that went on prizes = £132,500.00 (10.8%)

What are my chances of winning?

Any prize = 1 in 204 tickets entered into the draw will win a prize.

These figures are estimated using current plays and figures and can vary slightly from each week. These are an approximate and can be updated at any time.

In total, there were an average 27,819 weekly plays across our charity partners, with 6,734 prizes being given away over the year.

Please call us if you would rather set your lottery membership up over the phone 0300 303 4500.

How Do I Win?

When you join, we will allocate you with a lottery play number. Our draws are randomly drawn each Friday (with exception when this is a Bank Holiday, when it will take place the working day prior). You don’t need to check the results every week, although you can if you want to. If you win, we will contact you to let you know. If we have your email, your prize winnings will automatically go into your make a smile lottery account; where you can then request a withdrawal, after which monies are then transferred into your bank account, or if you don’t have an email with us, a letter and cheque will be sent via post (please make sure that we have your up to date address).

1 x £1000
1 x£250
140 x£10
PLUS a rollover of £500 each week up to a maximum of £25,000!

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