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Complaints and Disputes Procedure

The Lottery Complaints and Disputes Procedure is a two stage process. Originating as a complaint which if it cannot be resolved following the outlined procedure will escalate to a dispute.

Policy area
Management of Lottery Complaints

Aim and Scope of Procedure
To provide instructions on how to manage a complaint from receipt through to resolution.

Receipt of complaint
Investigation of complaint
Communication with complainant
Resolution of complaint

Staff Responsibilities
Any staff member may receive and report a complaint.


Receiving the complaint

  • Complaints may be initiated with front line staff or Fundraising/Lottery staff working in the community. Staff members need to deal with the complaint sensitively, ensuring that the complainant knows that the complaint is being listened to carefully and with a positive attitude.
  • Complaints may be made to any member of staff, verbally or in writing, by the customer. They may be formal, or informal. Complainants may choose to talk to staff, or write a letter.
  • If, because of the nature of the complaint, front line staff members are not able to handle a verbal complaint, written details should be passed to the line manager.
  • Written details of both verbal and written complaints should be recorded carefully as soon as possible.
  • The complainant is supported and communicated with throughout the process and it is recorded how this has been done.
  • All complaints should be notified to the Head of Lottery: Details to be recorded are: 
  1. Nature of complaint
  2. Result of the investigation
  3. Action taken
  4. Resolution of complaint
  5. Whether the complaint was upheld

Acknowledgement of complaint

  • All complainants will receive a written acknowledgement of their complaint, within 5 working days. This letter should detail the complaints process.
  • If a full written reply can be made within 5 working days an initial acknowledgement is not required.

Investigation of complaint

  • A nominated person should investigate the complaint.
  • The complainant should be supported and communicated with, and this should be recorded.
  • All findings should be fully documented. Any communication with the complainant should be documented.
  • A full response should be sent to the complainant within 14 working days of receipt of the complaint.
  • If it is not possible to send a full response within this time scale, a letter explaining the delay should be sent to the complainant.

Resolution of complaint

  • Once the investigation has been completed, a letter should be sent within 14 working days outlining the findings and the proposed action to be taken.
  • The findings of the complaint together with the action to be taken should be passed to the Income and Communications Director.

Complaints Procedure Flowchart

Stage Two

Disputes Process:

If an individual is unhappy with the resolution of their complaint then the matter will be escalated to a “dispute”, if applicable. In this instance an individual will be sent an acknowledgement letter offering them an “alternative dispute resolution” (ADR) but it must be stressed that this is not a guaranteed process referral. The ADR will be referred to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service Limited (IBAS) www.ibas-uk.com which will be via Your Hospice Lotteries trade associations with The Lotteries Council