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Ethical Fundraising


We pride ourselves on being the ethical choice for local causes seeking a valuable regular income by offering their supporters the chance to not only raise money but have the chance to win a cash prize in the weekly draw.

Our members choose which local cause they wish to support. St Helena also receives a small income from each membership towards patient care for administering the lottery. After running costs and the prize fund are taken out, the rest of every £1 goes directly to support your chosen cause.


It is important that we hold your correct contact details so if you win a prize in our weekly draw we can write to you if you win, and we may telephone or email you about your win.

If you pay for your lottery membership by credit or debit card, cheque or cash, we will write to or email you when payment is due for renewal.

  • Unless you have asked us not to, we will keep you up to date with lottery promotions by post, phone or email.
  • We do pass your details to the charity you are supporting with your membership in order that they can update you about their work so you can see how your money has helped.
  • We will never sell or swap your details with third parties and you can opt out at any time by contacting us.


We promise to:

  • Treat our members with respect
  • Communicate with you in a way that suits you
  • Never sell your details to any third parties
  • Adhere to all industry guidelines and regulations and take appropriate action if we find any failure to meet these standards

About Our Fundraisers

We work with paid professional fundraisers from small external agencies who are out and about in the communities served by our charity partners talking to people about the vital work of each charity and how the lottery raises money to support their work. The majority of our members joined our lottery because of direct contact with a fundraising representative, either at a shopping venue or at the door.

  • The fundraisers are asking people to pay by Direct Debit. This reduces administration costs and means your charity can plan its services knowing there is a regular income.>
  • The fundraisers are not allowed to take cash payments but they can take cheques made payable to Make a Smile Lottery.
  • The fundraisers will be carrying ID with the name of the charity they are representing and the name of the external agency they work for.
  • The fundraisers’ photographs are displayed here
  • We aim to make sure any contact made regarding make a smile lottery is a positive experience.
  • We take any complaint very seriously and immediately investigate any cause for concern from a member of the public.
  • We do all we can to make sure anyone representing our charity partners on behalf of make a smile lottery complies with law and ethical fundraising codes of practice.
  • We insist the fundraisers are respectful, open and honest; and never put pressure on you.
  • The reputation of each charity partner locally is of paramount importance and it is never our intention to knowingly upset the people who support the work of the charity or of our lottery.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that before a supporter completes an application form to take part in the lottery, the paid fundraisers representing us must make it clear:

  • Which charity they are asking you to join our lottery in support of
  • That the charity works with make a smile lottery owned and run by St Helena, a hospice charity based in Colchester to raise funds for local causes across Great Britain
  • All money raised as a result of our lottery will benefit that charity, with St Helena also benefiting by providing the administration of the lottery
  • That as a paid fundraiser, he/she does receive an income for the role which is funded from a small budget specifically allocated for the purposes of encouraging new members to play our lottery in support of local causes.