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What Are The Chances? The National Lottery And More

double 6 rolled

Fingers crossed, let’s grab a 4 leaf clover and make sure that horseshoe is pointing at the heavens! It could be you or it might not be. In fact it probably won’t be. But you’ve got to be in it to win it right?! It’s commonly know how unlikely it is to win the national […]

Giving To Charity In 2020

The charity and giving landscape is ever changing. Research and new technologies are constantly offering up more efficient and reliable ways to make every cent, pence or pound work better. Closer oversight has meant that charities need to maximise the amount of money going directly to the cause in question. From dropping change into a […]

Who Plays Lotteries?

If you’re thinking of having your own lottery it’d be useful to know who might play it. It is valuable to know which demographics are likely to support you. Knowing about age ranges, gender and socio-economic group should inform your marketing choices. The introduction of the National Lottery really brought lotteries in general into focus […]

Can I Run A Lottery Without Permission

What Is A Lottery? Make A Smile are here to help out with lotteries for your charity but there are other varieties of lottery that can run legally in the UK. A lottery is a fun way of raising money that works. Everyone wants a chance to win and if the cost of entry is […]

Getting To Know You – Richard

We asked one of great volunteers, Richard, some quick questions so you can get to know him a bit. Our volunteers work tirelessly for Make A Smile and we wouldn’t be able to function without the support of people like Richard and his colleagues.   What’s your background? I have run my own business as […]