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Let us start a charity lottery for you. It will help raise vital funds!

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make a smile are one of the leading lottery providers for charities in Great Britain. We are committed to helping charities increase their income via a lottery and to make it as easy to set up as possible for you, with no up front costs. Talk to us if you are thinking of starting a charity lottery or whether you have a lottery already but are exploring alternative options.

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By transferring to us

we can increase the income that your lottery brings in. make a smile lottery is run by a charity (St Helena in Colchester). Therefore, we know how important it is to raise funds but keep your supporters on board and feeling loved.

Ok, so why should i start a charity lottery with make a smile?

Lotteries are a fantastic way to raise funds

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But it is a time consuming project that involves a variety of human resources and cost

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That's why we are here to do all the hard work for you

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What is

the risk to

my charity?

There is no risk at all. Crucially, no financial input or human resource is needed from your team. Indeed, we provide the whole service!

How much

will my charity

expect to


You will achieve an income from the very first draw and a royalty payment from us every 3 months. Furthermore, as the number of lottery players supporting your charity hit certain levels, your pence in the £1 income grows! Your supporters support your charity with their lottery membership (not a share of the proceeds). Talk to us and we will be happy to provide you with financial projections.

How will

make a smile lottery

get lottery players to

support my charity?

We manage a team of professional fundraisers responsible for recruiting members to play in support of your charity and promote your charity in your community. Also, we have a professional marketing team who work with you to increase online sign ups and create marketing materials and marketing support to get you recognised in the local community

We take care of everything!





Don't just take our word for it, see what our charity partners say about us!

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