POSTED BY Sally Thomas | Oct, 05, 2020 |

Joseph told us  “I belong to Walton community care hospital service, we deal with elderly people, taking them to hospitals all over Essex, London, Ipswich, and Cambridge . We are volunteersI find it very rewarding to give something back. Our hospital staff do a wonder job under very stressful times . One day, I might need this care So I give willingly.”

Trevor told us  “On one of my regular visits to the Ipswich hospital I saw the display material and decided to sign up. I am a Community First Responder and the patients I see are all anxious about going into hospital. I know that the charity makes a big difference to the quality of their stay. I feel that the money raised goes to further the work of team NHS and I am proud to be part of that team. 

Gerald commented   “My Charity Champion is my wife Sharon. We had seven glorious years after which I had health problems which gradually caused a complete change of circumstance.  Now twenty years on Sharon continues to be there with love and support.  Sharon is my champion.”

 Thank you all for playing the lottery with us in support of your chosen charity, whoever your Charity Champion is. THANK YOU