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Where does my money go

where exactly does your money go?

make a smile lottery is just one of the ways people can be involved with to raise money for our partners. You can find out about each charity we support by clicking the Charities tab.

we exist for local charities

Make a Smile Lottery exists only to raise funds for local charities.

running costs and the prize fund

In the last financial year (April 2019-March 2020) the percentage of lottery income that went towards charitable causes was 52,91%, 40.09% on expenses and 7% on the prize fund. . Each charity partner receives a minimum of 20 pence in every £1 played.• In general, our contracts with partners are 5 year contract, and they earn royalties for each £1 played. These royalties start at 20p in the £1 and increase after year 2. They can earn up to 45p in every £1 in year 5.

entry into the weekly draw

You all go in the 1 weekly draw, but your membership goes to support your chosen charity.