A Small Gamble, A Big Win!

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Will you be lucky too?

A make a smile lottery player, who wishes to remain anonymous, won the big £1000 prize last year! She plays the lottery to support Blesma, The Limbless Veterans charity.

Limbless veteran supported by Blesma Limbless veteran supported by Blesma

We caught up with her to find out how she has spent her winnings.

“At the time I had heard a story about veterans getting less support, and it felt like the time was right for me to help. These people have sacrificed themselves and continue to do so each day until the end of their days. My modest gamble will, although in a very small way, help them until the end of my days.”

A Tidy Sum

On that delightful Friday afternoon, when she received the call informing her of her £1000 win she was stunned.

“Well, I didn’t actually believe you when you called me at first. There are so many scammers out there and it makes me wary. I was about to terminate the call, when you said you would send me a cheque. I have never won anything in my life…not even a raffle.”

Happy gamble win

Helping with the Cost of Living

When asked what she has spent the £1000 on she said, “it has helped a little with the increased cost of living.”

The cost of living crisis effects all of us, so for someone to still be doing their bit to give back to a charity that is in desperate need of support, is inspiring. £1 a week, may not seem like a lot, but it is this reliable income that allows Blesma to plan. Without lottery players, like the £1000 winner, they simply wouldn’t be able to help all of the limbless veterans they do.

The £1000 winner commented:

“Take a small gamble and be happy in the knowledge that you are helping people who are less fortunate. And sometimes,  that little gamble can even pay off!”

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YOU could be a winner too!

To find out more about make a smile lottery, and how you can give back to your chosen charity click here.


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