Autumn's Second Chance: How the RSPCA Came to Her Rescue

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A Kitten in Need

Autumn was only 6 weeks old when she was found with her front leg tied to a fence.

Abandoned and alone, she was in dire need of help. We are sharing her heartwarming story to highlight the incredible work of our partner, the RSPCA East Norfolk Branch. Their dedication to saving and rehabilitating animals saved Autumn’s life.

Injured black and white kitten with broken leg


When Autumn was found, she was brought to our RSPCA partner. There, the dedicated staff quickly assessed her condition and provided medical attention. Sadly, her leg was broken, and a severe infection had developed. The only option was to amputate if she were to have any hope of a happy, healthy life.

Our RSPCA East Norfolk Branch rely on the generosity of the local community to provide their funding. Recognising the urgency of Autumn's situation, they not only took Autumn under their wing but also initiated a fundraising campaign to cover the costs of the operation.

They shared her story with their generous Facebook supporters in the hopes of raising the funds needed to pay for the little kitten’s lifesaving operation. The response was overwhelming, as people from came together to support Autumn's cause.


With the funds raised, Autumn underwent a successful surgery to repair her injured leg. The skilled veterinarians provided her with the best possible care during her recovery. Giving this innocent kitten a second chance at life.

Kitten Autumn curled up on a blanket

Once she was fully recovered, Autumn was paired with a friend of the same age, Summer. Who eventually went on to be rehomed together.

Fight against animal cruelty

Autumn's story is a testament to the incredible resilience of animals and the power of compassion. Despite the cruelty she endured early in life, Autumn blossomed into a happy, playful, and loving kitten. Her spirit was unbroken, and she showed an unwavering trust in the humans who had rescued her.

Two kittenes lying on a blanket together

Autumn's journey highlights the vital role that organisations like the RSPCA play in rescuing and rehabilitating animals most in need.

Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of reporting cruelty and neglect and supporting organisations dedicated to animal welfare. It shows that, with a community's collective effort, we can provide second chances and brighter futures for animals like Autumn who deserve nothing but love and kindness.


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