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Building Confidence with a New Team

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The key to success

Learning is what keeps us moving forward. Self-improvement is something every one of us strives for, regardless of our background or ability.

Minstead Trust is a charity who support people with learning disabilities to lead more independent and fulfilled lives. They provide day sessions to the individuals they support, which give them the chance to learn new skills. Something that they can build on and take with them throughout their lives.

The opportunity to learn

Royce is an individual who is supported by Minstead Trust. He regularly attends these day sessions, enabling him to get creative and learn new skills.

Supported individual Royce

Royce has always had good hands-on skills, regularly producing hedgehog houses and bird boxes in his day opportunities sessions. This has aided him to grow his confidence, and push the bar for what he believes he can achieve every day.

A new challenge

This year he took on a new challenge, assisting the Trust’s maintenance team to build his confidence even further. The busy maintenance team of three look after dozens of properties and Royce’s experiences with them have been varied and interesting.

Ongoing projects like fitting out the Trust’s new residential property in Lyndhurst are keeping the team very busy. Royce has been digging out trenches and say’s “that was good fun it was”.

A dedicated team member

The maintenance manager Col is very impressed with Royce’s work ethic and says that Royce is an industrious worker, putting 100% into everything he does. Col mentions how grateful the team are to have Royce, saying “I wish we had a Royce for every day of the week”. He says that he brings a great sense of humour and doesn’t laze about, they are all in the team for the same reason and Royce shows this within his work.

Wood workshop

Royce is happy with the difference he is making to the team and the new skills he is learning.

“I like all of it. I like the new skills I can use; more bodies make a job quicker; I have learnt all different skills and I can help out my mum at the house.”

This has given Royce a huge confidence boost, showing him that he can do anything he sets his mind to. Royce’s family have even noticed a change in him and his confidence.

A transformation

Royce’s progress shows the transformative effect that new challenges and experiences can have for people within day opportunities. People with learning disabilities can be valued and important members of teams, bringing new skills, fresh perspectives, and a positive attitude.

Life skills written on a piece of lined paper

You can make a difference too

When you play make a smile lottery to support Minstead Trust, you are helping individuals just like Royce lead an independent and fulfilled life.

Your £1 each week helps Minstead Trust raise the funds needed to provide the support that gives Royce these life changing opportunities.

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