Cancellations Impact Charities

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Sky Rocketing Cancellations

With the cost of living crisis, make a smile lottery has seen a significant increase in cancellations of subscriptions. Last year, 13,371 players have cancelled their lottery subscription and that has resulted in a staggering potential loss of £1.4 million* for our charitable partners!

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This money that charities so heavily rely on, has been taken away and future plans have had to be changed or removed all together as the funds are not there. Charities are also feeling the huge effects of the current economical crisis and this is why your support is needed now more than ever.

If those players had not cancelled their lottery subscription, this money would have gone back to good causes, providing care, support and advice to those who need the services most.

We Urgently Need Your Help!

Small yet regular donations will allow charities to carry on their essential work locally and nationally.

Nearly one in five charities are warning that they will have to cut services and staff in the next few months because of rising energy costs, according to a survey by the charity thinktank Pro Bono Economics.

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You may not need the services now, but you may have used them in the past or you may need them in the future, and they need your help right now to continue them!

Can you give just £1 a week to the charitable cause close to your heart to ensure these services can stay afloat for the future?

You may think your £1 per play isn’t a lot, but if all your neighborhood were to also help and support, this joint effort together helps to really provide such essential services within your local community and really does mount up.

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Times are tough right now for everyone, but charitable causes really do need your help!

Make a Difference

By paying £4.34- for 1 play in the weekly draw, £8.68 for 2 games or £13.02 for 3, this really provides an affordable yet also fun way to support your charity, and you also have the chance to win something too!

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*Figures based on the average support that comes from a lottery player.


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