Celebrating Mums across the world and all those in our lives with motherly duties

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Mum, we love you

Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day, officially created back in 1908 by Anna Jarvis from West Virginia in the U.S. in honour of her late mother. Held on the fourth Sunday in Lent, when children give cards and presents to their mothers as a sign of their love for them.

A gift and/or a card, offered just one day a year seems such a small token to give to the person that gave you life, or dedicated their life to bettering yours. As an infant the concept of motherhood is rarely given a second thought, mummy is simply and rightly idolised. As little one grows up to become a young teenager mums might get a tougher time and may even be rejected, but all too often once grown up and possibly after having children of their own… only then do we really understand just how much unconditional love your mum has for you.

Let’s celebrate the carers!

Love in life is so incredibly precious and the bond between mother and child is perhaps the strongest bond of all, therefore it’s only to be expected the loss of such an influential person is equally powerful and painful.

Here at the Lottery, every day we recognise the tireless and incredible work performed in charities across the UK. Celebrating the consummate and dedicated professionals within them, as they tend to those that we hold dearest during their hours of need, or what might be the final chapter of their storybook we call life.

Playing make a smile lottery gives you the opportunity to support the UK charity that is the closest to your heart. For just one, two or three pounds per week, this small amount enters you into our weekly draw, with prizes ranging from ten pounds to thousands of pounds.

But, the prizes are often secondary, the real reason people play our Lottery is because they remember all too strongly the love they received from the person they call mum, and now feel it’s time to give a little back. We celebrate Mother’s Day just once a year, but we feel her in our heart every single day.


Join us in supporting the ​heroes who dedicate their lives caring for the ones we hold dearest. Play our weekly lottery and make mum proud. Click the button to sign up below!


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