It’s The Little Things That Count

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Should you ask anyone in a long-term relationship… What’s your secret, what is the key to a happy couple? More often than not, you’ll get the reply… It’s the little things that count.


Sunshine holidays, expensive jewellery, bouquets of flowers even a fancy box of chocolates are all popular favourites when it comes to showing your loved ones just how much you care. And we all understand, simply because who wouldn’t love any one of those things from that glamorous list.

But… if it’s the little things that count, if they are the secrets to a long and happy relationship, then maybe we are aiming too high.

Breakfast in bed, candles with dinner, a pre-prepared bubble bath, polished shoes, an unexpected cuddle, or a simple handwritten note saying I love you. Imagine just one of those every now and again, completed and delivered without prompting or expectation.

Now image those that rely on a charity, or they or their loved ones use the services at a hospice, we don’t need to aim for the stars with thoughts or massive donations and eye watering sums of money, you only need one pound. Just one pound a week to play our lottery to support your favourite charity or local hospice, what an amazing way to show you care, to quietly donate with just one pound a week, to play and support those that need it most in your local community.

Your support would mean the world for someone who is finding the world a tough place to be… your support is a perfect demonstration of ‘it’s the little things that count.’

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