Make a smile lottery meet Limbless Veteran Colin

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Working in Partnership

Make a smile lottery work with 19 different charity partners across the UK. Helping them raise vital funds that allow them to support those who need it most. With the current economic challenges, it has grown increasingly difficult to raise funds, making this regular source of income a lifeline to our partners.

Group of young women and a limbless veteran smiling in a garden holding a make a smile lottery winner sign.

One of the national charity partners that we support is Blesma, The Limbless Veterans. They work tirelessly to support Injured and Limbless Veterans for life. Not only supporting the individual but their whole family. Showing them that there is life after losing a limb, or the use of a limb, helping them realise that nothing is impossible.

Meeting Colin

On Tuesday 8th August, the make a smile lottery team met with Blesma staff members Colin and Tony at the St Helena Hospice gardens in Colchester.

Limbless Veteran man sat on a bench in hospice garden with prosthetic leg.

The day was organised for the team to work in partnership to get some new and exciting content to use for their marketing activity. We spoke with Colin, a Limbless Veteran who lost his leg due to an injury he received whilst on tour in Afghanistan. After years of discomfort, he learnt that he would need emergency surgery to have his leg removed. Changing his life for ever.

We sat and listened to Colin’s incredible story as he described how Blesma supported him through his injury. Helping him come to terms with this life changing situation and showing him and his family that life goes on.

Colin now works for Blesma as the Head of Welfare Support. When we asked him why he wanted to work for the charity he said:

“I’ve wanted to work for Blesma for a very long time and this stems from the glamping trip Blesma took me on, seeing the difference and impact that activity had on my youngest was amazing. I wanted to see if I could be part of such amazing team that truly understands what being a Limbless or Injured Veteran/Serving Person is. But more importantly, helping the families and widows which is something that is not fully replicated in any other service charity in the UK.”

Limbless Veteran in a hospice garden holding a winner sign over his prosthetic leg.

 Making a Difference Together

The make a smile lottery team had a great day with Blesma. Hearing from Colin about his story and the support he receives, was incredible. It really shines a spotlight on the amazing support Blesma provide to Limbless Veterans and their families. The make a smile lottery team are proud to be partnered with Blesma and wants to continue to help them raise vital funds that will support Limbless Veterans just like Colin and their families.

Group of young women throwing their hands in the air smiling, and a limbless veteran smiling holding a thank you sign.

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials and our website as we will be sharing Colin's full story very soon!


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