My Festival Family

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The Festival Feeling

Summer is almost over. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the chilled out, festival vibes all year round!

Love, Community and Freedom

Introducing Katie, Boo and the boys. They live off fun, freedom and nature, with family at the heart of everything they do. They want their business to be built around making memories and connecting with like-minded communities. So, they started My Festival Family.

The brand

My Festival Family stock a range of ethically sourced clothing (made by third party suppliers), accessories and some funky exciting one-off pieces made by the talented Hannah at LovedGarms. Alongside My Festival Family clothing they offer massage, healing, and personal development.

They pride themselves on having products packed with happiness and good vibes. They want to create a space for everyone to express their true and authentic self. They are absolutely buzzing to be spending their summers touring the festivals selling their fabulous gear.

Choose from a range of ethically sourced items. Made with love, the pieces are perfect for every day, yoga, festivals… dress these pieces up or down, wear them as they are, or customise them any way you like. How will you wear yours?

The ‘why’

They wanted to call the label ‘My Festival Family’ because their passion is to try and make the world more like a festival every day!

What do they mean by that?

They’re talking about festival feels of unity and community spirit, where everyone is the same, there’s no hierarchy, just peace, love and happy faces. It’s so important to them that they nurture their families with a relaxed attitude and, as a family, they really enjoy festivals. They’re a great place to make memories and, on some levels, are like a spiritual holiday, a time to get away, relax, be free.

My Festival Family brings the festival ethos of love, community and freedom to everyday life, while keeping you well dressed in ethically sourced clothing.

Keen to find out more? Head to their website to see what they have on offer!

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