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A Day Out of the Office

On 28th April, Blesma Member Nik Eley joined Blesma staff on an outing to the St Helena’s Hospice gardens in Colchester.

The day was organised in order to take some new images for Blesma and make a smile, which has so far raised over £237,000 for Blesma through the lottery plays.

The trip was an opportunity for the make a smile lottery staff to hear how the funds they raise make a difference, directly from a Blesma Member.

Nik’s story

“I did rather well in the army. I came out relatively unscathed, and had rather a successful career until 2018.” Nik told the group.

“Then I found that an injury that I had not thought about while in the forces had developed into ankylosing spondylosis and my leg was useless. I was referred to several doctors, and eventually the decision was taken by me to amputate because it was dragging me along and causing me a lot of pain.”

Nik then recounted how Blesma have helped him since then. “Since that’s happened, Blesma have been absolutely fantastic, not only have they helped me with my mental health, by allowing me to meet other Veterans Amputees so we’ve got the shared experience, the camaraderie. They’ve paid for me to do a cybersecurity course, and helped me to move from the premises that I was in that wasn’t suitable for me in my wheelchair and got me a ground floor flat. They furnished it they’ve put carpets in. They’ve helped me and supported me throughout the entire pandemic. And anytime that I do need help, they are there.”

A fantastic cause

‘The make a smile lottery team had a great day with Blesma. Hearing from Nik about his story and the support he receives, was absolutely incredible. It really made everyone realise what a fabulous charity this is, and the make a smile lottery team are proud to be partnered with Blesma to help raise vital funds to help those just like Nik and their families.’


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