Regular Giving Makes an Impact

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What do you first think of when you hear the term charity fundraising?

You probably think straight away how you can help fundraise with a big one-off event. What really helps give vital income to our charity partners, is through regular giving. A regular direct debit, by playing make a smile lottery every single week, really is a vital way to help the charity that means so much to you.

Lottery Benefits

While donations are greatly appreciated by non-profits at any time, studies suggest a recurring monthly donation by playing the lottery can have great benefits for both the donor and the organisation. 75% of donors will keep their direct debit plan in place across the first 6 to 12 months, with many continuing to give monthly for years. By doing this, you really get to see an impact your monthly contribution is having on the charity as well as really helping the charity to be able to plan for the future. From your donations, you are responsible for providing a positive impact and doing something good.

In recent reports, 86 per cent of charitable organisations are worrying about the effect the cost of living will have on those that depend on their services, and 71 per cent expressed concern over managing increased demand for their services.

Regular Giving Provides Stability

The small yet regular donation, creates a vital income stream that the charity can truly rely on and keep the worries away. This monthly giving really helps hospices budget for the future and know that they can rely on the consistency of the donation to really make a difference. As well as time, it costs a lot to find new donors every month, so relying on income every month from consistent donors makes a big impact on all nonprofit organisations.

It is with your help, and your regular direct debit, that this can help keep all their services running for those who need it most.

Do something Good.

YOU can make a difference! YOU can help today!

Charities are there to support you when you need it. Now they need you to support them!

Do you really need that takeaway coffee… or can you pay to support a charity on a monthly basis and you also have the chance to win something too!


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