Rosie's Fight for Survival

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Would you opt to euthanize your dog before asking for help?

International Dog Day 2023

August 26th marks International Dog Day, a day where dog lovers from every corner of the globe will come together to appreciate our beloved canine companions. This special day not only celebrates the unique bond between humans and dogs but also serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

To commemorate this day, we are sharing a story about Chihuahua Rosie who was taken care of by our charity partner RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch after her owner could no longer afford to look after her. 

Chihuahua being cared for by the RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch

A Difficult Decision

The RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch were shocked to learn that an 11-month-old Chihuahua’s owner opted for euthanasia rather than amputate a leg, or seek charity assistance, after an accident caused a complex elbow fracture. The vet pleaded with the owner to sign over the dog to the branch in order to save its life.

Unfortunately, the cost of caring for dogs can be substantial. New dog owners are not always aware of the high level of cost of having a pet. Especially when complications arise, resulting in costly operations that can leave owners in a very difficult predicament, where they cannot afford to continue to look after the animal. At the point of desperation, unthinkable decisions can be made.

Chihuahua at risk of euthanisa

Leg Saving Surgery

With Rosie being taken into the RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch’s care, fundraising in order to save her leg was critical. Orthopaedic elbow repair surgery is extremely complicated and very expensive. But this was a vital option in order to save her leg.

The branch relies solely on the funds it can raise from the local community to continue to look after the animals in their care. They invest considerable resources in ensuring that each dog receives the attention it needs to recover physically and emotionally. Meaning that help from the local community was paramount in ensuring Rosie's legs could be saved.

Puppy who has had leg saving surgery

A social media campaign was created to reach out to the local community to spread the word about the Rosie's predicament. 

A Lifeline

It is incredible what we can achieve when we work together. With the combined efforts of people in the local community, the funds were raised for her to have the leg saving elbow surgery. Once her elbow had healed, she needed to go back into surgery to have the pins removed, but for now her leg is saved and is healing great.

However, during this time her foster carer noticed that she had a recurring cherry eye. A common condition that can occur in dogs. So unfortunately she needed to go back to hospital to have surgery on her eye to correct this. 

A Happy Pup

We are pleased to inform you that Rosie is now recovering well and living her best life in foster care along with two other chihuahuas and a cat. She is enjoying lots of snuggles and treats. 

This story serves as a key message to all new dog owners, to make sure you do your research before you commit to buying a cute new puppy. All puppies will grow into a dog who will need to be taken care of. This is not always cheap, and when complex problems arise it will be your decision on how to take care of it.

Help Other Dog’s too!

The RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch can’t help dogs like Rosie without the support from the local community. With the current economic crisis, costs are rising which is making it increasingly expensive to look after the animals in their care. They need your help now more than ever to secure their future, and the future of the animals in desperate need of their support.

Chihuahua puppy in need of a loving home

For as little as £1 per week, you can play make a smile lottery as a way to give them a regular income. This allows them to have an income they can rely on, which is essential when they have so many animals that depend on them. You could save another puppy just like Rosie with your regular plays.


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