The Opportunity to Work

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Everyone has the right to work.

In an increasingly diverse and inclusive world, it's essential that everyone can contribute their unique skills and talents to the workforce. However, individuals with learning disabilities often face challenges when trying to secure employment.

Supported individual on the Step Up for Work programme

Minstead Trust

Our charity partner Minstead Trust are working hard to help the individuals they support to overcome these obstacles. They do this by teaching them new skills that will help them move into the workplace. They help them gain work experience, facilitate supported apprenticeships and traineeships. Giving them the key skills and confidence they need to thrive in the workplace.

Step Up for Work

One of the work programmes they run is Step Up for Work. A programme which helps people with learning disabilities gain training so they can enter the workplace. In doing so they are helping create a more inclusive workforce, giving every individual the opportunity to contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

Lily and Lime Cafe cakes

Rachel is part of the programme, which has given her the opportunity not only to learn new skills, but to make new friends. Something that enriches her life and helps her enjoy every day.

“I feel a lot more confident and realise how much I can actually do. Minstead Trust has helped me socially and professionally. I have made some great friends and learnt a lot of new skills.”

The Confidence to Achieve

Minstead Trust have also helped Louisa, who is an apprentice at Lily & Lime Café, a social enterprise in the heart of Portsmouth library. Lily and Lime café provides opportunities for people with learning disabilities to learn skills in the hospitality industry, which includes catering but also social skills.

“The apprenticeship programme has helped me to become more confident. I have realised how much work I can do independently and enjoy learning new things on my course. I am enjoying my time at a Lily & Lime café in Portsmouth because there is always something for me to do, I am getting busy with making custom cakes for customers.”

This opportunity has given Louisa the confidence to achieve, which helps in all aspects of her life.

Step Up for Work employee working in the Lily and Lime cafe

You Can Do Anything

You don’t know what you can achieve until you put your mind to it. In giving people a chance to learn, you are giving them a chance to thrive. With Minstead Trust’s incredible support, more people living with learning disabilities have been able to get out of their comfort zones and succeed within the workplace. Helping them become more independent in the lives they lead.

Staff member at the Lily and Lime Cafe

Showing that no matter your background, or disability you can lead an independent and fulfilled life.

To find out more about the fantastic work of Minstead Trust, visit their website below.


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