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A Specialist Buggy

We often take for granted being able to go outside in nature, to explore and have adventures. But, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to move outdoors freely without assistance.

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Seven-year-old Elis, from Cornwall, has a connective tissue disorder, a curvature of his spine, a hole in his heart and has the most severe level of hypermobility. Which means all his joints are very loose and floppy and this leads to him becoming tired easily – to the point he will need to physically stop. Moving too much during the day can also lead to him being in pain during the night.

Our partner Newlife, provided him with a specialist buggy. Which has meant that he can enjoy getting out and about with his family without pain. He is also on the Autism pathway and has little awareness of danger, so it can also be difficult to keep him safe, unless he is in a specialist buggy to meet all of his needs.

A New Lease of Life

As mum, Sara lost her driving license due to epilepsy, starting at the age of 35, it meant she couldn't drive Elis anywhere and they had to rely on the buggy they received from Newlife three years ago, which he had outgrown.

Thanks to Newlife, Elis was provided with a larger specialist buggy which has made a huge difference to his life. The new buggy means Elis can continue to get out and about in his local community, going to school and even fun days out with family, including parents Sara and Andrew and siblings Evan aged 14 and Florence aged 12.

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Sara said: “Having the right buggy means so much to us. It means Elis is safe when we go outside – as he has no awareness of danger it’s hard to keep him safe without one. It also means we can enjoy time together as a family and he doesn’t become burnt out.

“The buggy is a godsend for school too – it’s half a mile up and down hills, so having a buggy for him means he can arrive at school and not be exhausted, ready to do the few hours a day he can cope with.

“Not only does the buggy keep his spine supported, but it can also recline when he needs to sleep. It goes absolutely everywhere with us.”

As well as improving everyday life the buggy also means the family can enjoy nature walks as well as special days out like a recent trip to the Harry Potter studios, which Sarah says they couldn’t have even contemplated without the buggy from Newlife.

Sara added: “The buggy gives us freedom. Instead of worrying about everything we can just enjoy being together, which is fantastic. We can’t thank Newlife enough!”

Newlife, The Charity for Disabled Children

Newlife is here today because a large number of disabled and terminally ill children in the UK currently face a significant gap in access to essential equipment. They strive to support thousands of children nationwide who are living with disabilities caused by childhood cancers, genetic conditions, accidents, illnesses, and infections. In addition to managing their disabilities, it's disheartening to note that many of these children lack the specialised equipment crucial to aiding them in their daily lives.

To find out more about the support they offer, visit their website here.




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