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Thank you for your interest in make a smile lottery!

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more information on make a smile lottery.

Make a smile lottery is a weekly lottery draw, where you can play to raise funds for the cause of your choice. It’s easy, and it’s fun!

It costs just £1 per game and you can play regularly or whenever you want.

Our aim is to provide our partners with a regular, reliable income from the lottery, give them the chance to make a difference, and make smiles!

Sign Up

1 x £1000 1 x £250 140 x £10 Plus a rollover jackpot of £500 that if not won each week rolls over to a maximum of £25,000

How to play

It costs £1 per game and you choose which cause you want to support. There are lots of different options to play:

  • Set up a subscription to play and pay by Direct Debit. With this option you will be given a unique 6 digit number. By setting up a regular Direct Debit with us, you will be giving your chosen cause a regular and reliable income.

  • Pay by card for a set period of weeks in the draw, select how many entries you would like to play per week. With this option you will be given a different unique number each week. Please click Standard tab for this.

Single Ticket Play

We understand that it can be difficult to commit to supporting on a regular basis. So, we give you the option to support your chosen cause as and when you like.

You can buy single tickets if you are feeling lucky or if the rollover is high and you want to simply increase your odds. Single tickets can be a great way to support a great cause whilst having the chance to win amazing prizes!

It costs just £1 per game which will be included in that week’s draw. You can buy up to a maximum of 100 tickets per week.

Click below to get your single tickets today.

Play & Save Reward Card

For any players that sign up on a regular basis, as a way to say thank you we offer a Play & Save Reward Card!

The Play & Save Card gives you discount on a variety of places. From carpet cleaning and computer repairs to family portraits and fragrances, there is bound to be something that catches your eye.

If you use your Play & Save Reward Card regularly, you could save more than the annual cost of your lottery membership!

See details of what you could save by clicking below.

Online Account Benefits

When you sign up to make a smile lottery via the website you will need to create an online account with us.

There are some fantastic benefits to having an online account with us!

With you online lottery account you will be able to:
-Manage your online ticket purchases.- Find your play numbers.
– Update your personal details & marketing preferences.
– View previous transactions and tickets.
– Store payment information to easily purchase your next lottery tickets.
– Withdraw winnings into your bank account!

It makes the word of difference having you support our fantastic causes. If you have any further questions, please click here.

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